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Technique and Training

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Using Fins on Kick Sets

Although some people look at fins as cheating, the reality is quite the opposite.

How to Fix Your Warm-Up

Stop wasting your warm-up.

Get Your Feel for the Water and Stop Slipping

How can you tell if you’re slipping? Slow down and pay attention.

How Triathletes Should Spend Their Offseason

Here are some fun, pressure-free suggestions for maintaining (or improving) your swim skills during your workout hiatus.

How to Master the Bottom Half of Butterfly

Butterfly with a great kick evokes the image of a powerful aquatic beast lunging through the surf, powering forward with undulating grace and awe-inspiring beauty. Yet many of us swim butterfly looking less like Flipper and more like hobbled jellyfish.

How to Master the Top Half of Butterfly

The undulating motion of butterfly can provide a swimming experience of sublime beauty and pleasure. But the stroke’s above-water, double-arm recovery introduces opportunities for fatigue that can quickly turn that pleasure into pain.

Freestyle Demystified

Has freestyle evolved to a point where we should follow elites who have strokes not previously considered perfect?

Should You Try a Different Stroke?

It’s exciting to constantly evolve with the sport, but you should ask yourself if adopting the newest technique is best for you.

Quick and Easy Injury Prevention Tactics

Try some of these simple tweaks to your daily routine and ramp up your injury-prevention skillset.

What You Can Do to Keep Shoulder Injuries at Bay

How do we keep those pains and clicks from ever happening in the first place?