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Getting older and slower? Don't let that discourage you

Thursday, January 19, 2017

There is another way to look at it, for my age I am I staying the same or slowing down or even getting faster?

We're all getting older and part of that process is slowing down and that can be discouraging.

Don't get me wrong I still compare my times and dont' like getting slower but I've found a way to compare them that takes aging into consideration. There is a time rating calculator that allows me to compare my times today against times from previous years to see how I stand against time.   A gentlemen from the Virginia LMSC has taken the time to create this calculator based on the current records and all the swims in the USMS database.

The calculator numerically compares your time against a theoretical record time for your age, course, and event. The theoretical record is obtained from a curve fit of records for all ages for a given event and course. A time exactly equal to the theoretical record would be rated 100: ratings over 100 are also possible. A year by year comparison is available.

For an example, 5 years ago I swam a 31.17 for a 50 breast at Mohonesan the rating was 91.5, this year at New Paltz I swam 32.57 for a rating of 91.4. Yes, I'm slower but relative to my age I'm about the same. 

Here is the link to the calculator, check it out. 

I hope you find it as interesting and useful as I do. Let us know what you think....

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