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2019 New Years Day 100 100s

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Start the year out right!

Glens Falls Masters is hosting the 100 100s (or 75s or 50s) at the Glens Falls YMCA, 600 Glen St., Glens Falls NY. It is open to all local Masters swimmers for a $5 fee, payable at the desk.

All lanes will swim circles, and we will divide up into lanes swimming 100s (or 125s if you prefer), 75s, and 50s. All lanes go on the same send-off interval: 1:45.

Each lane will be a team for a trivia quiz, designed to challenge Fifth Graders. The winning team will be acknowledged. Anybody who argues with the judge has to do an extra 100.

Prizes:  There are no prizes but your pride.

Rules: This is Masters--there are no rules. Drafting is good, use any aids you want, skip some of the 100s, walk, change lanes, or stop any time.

START TIME IS TENTATIVE, but as of November 1 we intend to start promptly at 9 AM and be done by noon. Allow time to get through the locker room.

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