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Official website of Adirondack LMSC of U.S. Masters Swimming

Steering Committee notes

Bob Singer's picture

Adirondack Masters Steering Committee

Saratoga YMCA

September 15,2018




  • This meeting was attended by Robert Singer (Chair), Kathy Meany (Vice-Chair), Sarah King (Outgoing Secretary), Doug Koop (Treasurer), Kristin Hislop (Coach’s Chair), Deb Roberts (Official’s Chair), Dan Wall (web coordinator)


Schedule of Meets for 2018-2019

  • October 14th,2018. Swim for the Ages. Glens Falls High School. Meet warm-ups will start at 10:00 a.m. Meet will start at 11:00a.m. This is a great first timer swim meet. Participants must be current USMS members, join US Masters Swimming, or be a one event fee participant. Swim for the Ages is currently advertised on Adirondack Masters Swimming Facebook page.
  • October 28th,2018. Leatherstocking Meet. Hartwick College. Event already sanctioned and information currently on Adirondack Masters Facebook page and on the Adirondack masters swimming website.
  • January 12th,2019: Monahassen Masters Meet. This is the Happy New Year Meet.
  • February/March 2019: Spring off the Blocks Masters Meet, Guilderland YMCA. As part of the sanction review the dimensions of this pool should be checked and sent to USMS if the results are available.  UPDATE: Confirmed March 2, 2019
  • April 2019: New York State Masters Swim Meet. Binghamton University.


Reports from Committee Chairs and Discussion of:

Sanctions, Pools and Open Water:

  • Make sure for sanctions that sanctions come to Kathy instead of Steve.
  • We need to update our list of approved places.
  • Discussed how to find all of the pools that have Adirondack Masters Swimming workout groups through logging in to “My USMS” and finding all the old data that used to be listed on the USMS website tab for places to swim.
  • Adirondack Masters Swimming will be registered as an LMSC on October 1st.
  • Extensive discussion on Green Leaf Racing and their role in running the LGOWS, Betsy Owens and Terry Laughlin Memorial Cable Swims. We need to have a face to face meeting with Green Leaf Racing. UPDATE: Bob Singer met with GLR. The discussion was wide-ranging but they have a better understanding of our requirements.



  • Coaches Chair Kristin will be focusing on clinics. Will work to find people to run clinics and simulate events.
  • Will reach out to her contacts through USA Triathlon to promote our meets and get more people to come to our swim meets.
  • Want to have an article in Adirondack Sports and Fitness.
  • Want to have a half page flyer on Adirondack Masters Swimming to hand out to people in the community.



  • We need more officials!!
  • Currently only have Bob and Deb as officials as no one else has followed through. Jim Todt has completed the online course and shadowed once.
  • We want to pay officials to officiate our masters swim meets.
  • We want the organizing body for the meets to take lead on finding officials. For example. Hartwick College hosts the Leatherstocking Meet. The coaches for Hartwick College know plenty of officials that officiate their collegiate meets. Let’s task them with finding officials and we would be willing to help them to entice officials to work our meets by compensating the officials that work our meets.
  • We want to pay officials $100 per meet per official.
  • Names were suggested to approach to officiate meets:



  • Dan to work with USMS to update the RSS feed of national news
  • Need to make sure website is accurate and up to date.
  • Correct listing of committee members.
  • Post past meet results.
  • Post past open water results.


Treasurer’s Update:

  • Gets updates on finances every day.
  • Need to have an additional co-signer for checks.



  • Bob has the t-shirts. We are giving them to all new timers. Meaning if this is your first Adirondack masters meet that you swim at, you get a t-shirt. They don’t say first timers on them though. If you want an Adirondack Masters Swimming t-shirt they are $15.
  • This isn’t swag, but it should be. Sarah has the banner that we won at New York State Championships in April. Yeah, you guys: here’s an incentive to swim meets. In April, we won New York State Championships. Binghamton took themselves out of the running, since they had over 4,000 points and out of the other 9 teams, we won, so we have a banner!!!
  • Bob has the ADMS banner and a USMS banner. We need to decorate our meet venues!
  • Although a few people have asked for caps, we won’t be ordering any in the near future.


Slate of Officers:

  • Discussions of who should replace Sarah as secretary. Multiple names were suggested and Ann and Bob were going to check with those suggested as to who would be the best option for our new secretary. UPDATE: Karen Byer from Saratoga Springs has agreed to be the new Secretary.


Events and Annual Meeting:

  • November 18, 2018. Ann will collect information regarding the annual workout and meeting in November 18.