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Whats New?

3000/6000 Yard ePostal: Preliminary results posted

5K/10K ePostal: Final relay results now posted

Preliminary Top 10 for LCM 2016 Posted

The preliminary Top 10 listing is for proofreading purposes only. Report any errors to the National Swims Administrator by Sunday, July 31. See the Booklet or the USMS Top 10 Search Page to view the listing.

5K/10K ePostal: Final individual results, and preliminary relay results now posted

USMS Employment Opportunity

Championship Committee Awards 2018 Championship Meet Venue

The Championship Committee has selected Indianapolis to host the 2018 Nationwide USMS Spring National Championship. For Summer Nationals, the Committee has not selected a venue. Rather, USMS will be supporting the 2018 UANA Pan American Masters Championship in Orlando, scheduled for July 28 through August 3, 2018.

Preliminary results for the 5K/10K ePostal event now posted

Live Stream of USMS Summer Nationals

Final Top 10 for SCY 2015-2016 Posted

USMS Employment Opportunity