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Human Interest

Swimming is Life’s Biggest ‘Get-to-Do’

The day Dara Torres hit the water in her fifth Olympics, my reentry to swimming began. She swam a sub-25-second 50 freestyle while I clung to the wall like a terrified 4-year-old on the first day of lessons.

Swimming in the Kabubble

They say diplomats who serve in Kabul, Afghanistan become hunks, skunks, drunks, monks, or chunks. I was determined to become the former and not the latter, so when I heard there was a pool on our embassy compound, I made a beeline for it.

Saving David

In the summer of 1977, my half-brother Henry was living in Bloomington, Ind., having moved there a couple years earlier after his parents’ divorce and our father’s marriage to my mother. I was not yet born, but would be by the end of the summer, and I imagine Henry was spending that summer like most 13-year-old boys do: mowing the lawn, swimming at pools, and talking excitedly about music and movies with our other brother, Greg.

What Swimmers Can Be Thankful For

Your teammates are your family. Our tight-knit community bonds swimmers together across miles and years. Whether you’ve hung up the suit or continue the journey, your teammates and the experiences you’ve shared will last a lifetime.