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Coaches Only

Four Reasons Why You Should Become a Masters Coach

Here are some reasons to consider joining us in this wonderful profession.

How to Write Creative Workouts Every Day

Here are some thoughts about the craft of designing workouts.

Safety Tips for All Coaches

Let’s examine three things we can do to help keep swimmers safe.

Teach Your Swimmers to Perceive Their Pace

Let’s discuss a few ways to train your swimmers for that perfect energy allocation.

How to Spice Up Practice for Big Events

Here are a few of the things we do with the Joliet Park (Ill.) District Blue Tides.

How to Communicate With Your Swimmer in the Water

Here are a few suggestions for on-deck gestures to help mid-set swimmers focus on the fine points of proper technique. Remember that you are connecting to each swimmer as an individual, so look them in the eye as you give your signals.

Three Essential Concepts Coaches Should Teach Inexperienced Swimmers

Three essential concepts work together to form a tripod of support for solid swimming. While they seem intuitive to lifelong swimmers, it’s important to explain, demonstrate, and hammer them home to anyone who joins Masters without an aquatic background. Communicate swimming concepts by explaining them in terms of other activities that your athletes know and understand.